Episode 14: Are you fulfilling your potential?

Episode 14: Are you fulfilling your potential?


Welcome to the Self-Performance Strategies Podcast

This week we are talking about fulfilling your potential

​Main quote:

"The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a

new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be

released and channelled toward some great good."

― Brian Tracy

Main takeaways:

Help yourself fulfill your potential

You have the ability to tell others how capable they are and help them tap into their potential.

But you often lack the perspective or ability to see your potential.

This is why it is vital to have big goals and journal daily; you need to tap into your potential daily.

A useful weekly exercise is to ask yourself:

What was the most significant struggle I faced last week?

Then ask

How would I advise a friend dealing with this struggle?

Questions like this will help you gain perspective quickly and help you on the path to your potential.

What happens when you don't take action to fulfill your potential?

Life can be a spiral. Sometimes you travel up it, and other times slide down it.

When you work to fulfill your potential, you spend most of your time travelling up it.

You can continuously slide into trouble when you don't.

When spiraling down, you will experience these traps:

Lack of motivation

When you are not moving towards goals that align with your potential, you find it hard to get work done.

This is why you dislike busywork as a business owner or a corporate employee; it doesn't move you towards tangible results. There is no joy in the work.

Increased stress

It slowly builds chronic stress when you are constantly working on projects you have no interest in.

Like the death of thousand paper cuts, it will build over time until you snap.

You don't notice it on day one, but you will by day one thousand.

Cheap dopamine

In response to the stress and the lack of motivation from not working towards your potential, you will look for cheap dopamine TV, social media, movies, porn, etc.

You distract yourself with "fun" activities to suppress your pain, one of the worst traps to be in.


Addictions don't happen overnight; they come from unresolved pain in life.

The more you suppress the pain, the worse the addictions can get. Porn, drugs, drinking, and abusive behaviour can become coping mechanisms to avoid the pain of unused potential in life.

Relationship trouble

When you don't fulfill your potential, have no direction in life, and seek cheap dopamine leading to coping mechanisms, You will push loved ones away and find it hard to develop loving and meaningful relationships.

Not a fun place to be.


You become angry at the world, but you are mad at yourself; the only way to overcome the anger of not moving towards your potential is to take 100% responsibility for your life.

This is the moment you suck it up and realize it's all in your hands. Control what you can.


It's hard to admit, but if you have spent months or years dealing with any of the above, you may have some level of depression.

But, with awareness comes the ability to do something about it, and you can pull yourself out with help and work towards your potential.


As a Business Owner or Leader improving your personal performance is how you fulfill your potential while defeating procrastination and creating impactful results.

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