With proven steps you will escape any rut

Do you know the ONE thing that allowed Scott to increase his focus, life satisfaction, and make more money? 
The ONE thing that is key to unlocking more freedom in your business in under 90-days?

The ability to do Less Dumb Sh*t


Scott was a juggler of daily tasks and a late-night worker.

The PRO-Accelerator took him from juggling family, personal goals and working late to catch up to being the master of his schedule and time.

Stephen has given me 50% of my time back in a given week. I now have that bandwidth to go build and create more of the fun stuff."

Dr. Scott Watier, Co-Owner of Fasting for Life
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You see: Scott is not alone. Did you know...


The average business owner is only productive for 2.3 hours per day?

They work 12-hour days ...but only get 2 to 4 hours of productive work done.

That is 8 to 10 hours of wasted time.


Shocking? Even more... if you consider the actual cost:


This is...

Time not spent on high-value work.

Time not spent on growing their business.

Time not spent with their partners and kids.

Time not spent on generating actual income.

Time not spent taking care of their physical and emotional health.


They grind themselves to exhaustion... without really making a difference.

...only to witness their bodies degenerate. Their relationships fall apart. And their kids believe the UPS guy was daddy.

The thing is...


The modern world steals your attention and undermines your best intentions at every turn. It tricks you into Doing A Lot Of Dumb Sh*t.


You are interrupted 56 times per day.

You check our email 36 times per hour‍.

You repeat work completed weeks before.

You waste up to 36 hours in unnecessary meetings each month.


It seems the world has all but conspired to rob you of your most valuable assets:

Time. Focus. Attention.


But focussed attention is the key to improving your self-performance.


With The PRO Accelerator... you'll reclaim your attention to focus on what matters most.‍


So you can achieve more in 90 days than others do in 1 to 3 years.

And effortlessly balance your business goals with personal and private needs...


The PRO Accelerator has helped dozens of business owners like Scott remove hours of dumb sh*t

...allowing them to spend more time on their health... family... high-dollar work

You can get those results!

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Keilan was stuck in a procrastination puzzle and conventional productivity "hacks" had failed him.

The PRO-Accelerator helped him solve his puzzle by finding and focusing on his high-dollar activities. 

"Stephen's strategies helped me make $50k within weeks of working with him. While also providing my weeks structure."

Keilan Clark: Co-owner 7-figure business


Byron was fighting burnout because he was wasting time on low-value high-touch work and dumb sh*t distractions.

The PRO-Accelerator helped him create an inspiring new Ultimate Scenario for his life and business. With this, he was able to clearly see what he needed to focus on and the dumb sh*t to remove. 

"I increased revenue in both my businesses. Spent more time with my family and released some bad habits with your frameworks."

Byron Mignanelli: Co-owner in two 7-figure businesses


Nate was the perfect example of a multitasking entrepreneur, always busy but it felt like nothing was getting done.

The PRO-Accelerator helped him create productivity zones for his high-value and high-dollar work. When in these zones he focused on one thing until done.

"I got mentally clear and organized as I scaled my 7-figure sneaker business. I also learned how to systemize my weeks"

Nate Reinhart: Co-owner 7-figure business


Joel was the time-strapped leader, back to back meetings and constant demands. His traditional work structure had him working in the business not on the business. 

The PRO-Accelerator gave him the processes, systems, and structure to focus on the right activities at the right time.

"Stephen helped free up at least 10 hours a week and got me focusing on 90-day sprints. That gave me a sense of urgency to create results."

Joel Denny: Co-owner 7-figure business

You've listened to the so-called gurus.

You've tried every productivity hack, system, and strategy under the sun.

But no matter what new 'miracle method' you try, your business remains stagnant, unable to scale past your current plateau.


Isn't it time you tried something different?

 Hi, I’m Stephen.

And this is the PRO Accelerator.

I'm not your typical productivity guru.

I don't peddle quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions.

Instead, I offer the PRO-Accelerator

A unique, tailored approach designed to help you boost focus... reclaim at least 10 hours of your week... allowing you to enhance your business performance and build momentum within 90 days.


I Want In The Program

But wait...What is the PRO Accelerator?? 

The PRO Accelerator is a unique set of three steps. It will help you:

• Remove Overwhelm and Stress: How to ensure your not sabotaging your days with too much dumb sh*t and emotional BS.

• Close Open Loops: How to call out the activities that have been keeping you stuck for years. In one exercise you will know what to drop and delegate to free up hours of time and boost your energy.

• Focus on High-Value work for longer: Learn the Productivity Diet system that will get you into peak performance with the activities that matter most.

• Improve goal-setting and vision planning: If you have a pen and paper you can change the direction of your life in under 1 hour by creating an Ultimate Scenario that will fuel you for years.

• Understand how to Tactically Track and use Feedback Loops: Blunt non-complex advice on how to project manage your life better than any BIG 4 firm could do it.

• Reduce Energy Vampires: These energy-sucking objects... people... projects are killing your performance. Learn the right way to vanquish these monsters from your life forever.

• Know how to effectively use 90-Day Sprints: The truth is you're setting your goals incorrectly. HINT: They shouldn’t be set in January and forgotten about by February

"How did you come up with the PRO Accelerator?"

Let me explain...

Life and personal growth are not straight linear paths.

You often have to travel the same path many times before learning the lessons.

You will loop back around and reframe the past so you can move forward.

You will reinvent yourself many times in your lifetime and I created a path that speeds up the process.

I started late in life...

I woke up lost... broke... frustrated at 30.

Since then I have been on a mission to improve myself for over a decade.

Now I help six-seven-eight figure business owners create momentum.

But before helping others...

I had to work out how to help myself.

Did you ever feel like you were meant for a different path?

I had that feeling throughout school... university... and the early parts of my career.

I didn’t understand the conventional 9 to 5 life. I went looking for a purpose in other areas. But struggled to find the right path.

I fell in love with going to house and techno clubs to escape it all.

I think it was because it was a subculture. It was a different life from the one the majority of people lived.

I worked retail management jobs for 10 years and partied every weekend. I went searching for fun because I was not too fond of the other path I saw for myself.

I essentially ran away from responsibilities.

I ended up doing a lot of Dumb Sh*t

By the back end of my 20s... I started feeling that there had to be a better way.

I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. But I knew something was off.

This is where it gets interesting...

In a bold move I jumped on a plane and moved to Canada.

I knew I had to change my environment.

30 years old, broke and needing a better job to stay in Canada.

I stumbled across self-performance ideas hidden within the leadership books I was reading.

I got into bio-hacking... fitness... Stoicism... self-improvement.

I found a new sub-culture. But this one helped me create a better life.

Like magic... I was hooked on improving myself mentally... emotionally... physically.

I found a world that not only interested me. But I also found my unique skill for guiding others to understand it.

This all had profound effect on my career...

I was prompted or moved into new projects 8 times in 9 years before starting my coaching business.

I ended my corporate career working on a 8-figure project rolling out new systems and processes to other leaders and their teams.

My role was to help people do more in less time and make their working lives easier.

This project gave me the confidence and knowledge that my systems and ideas worked on others and not just me.

Then I had a BIG realization...

While getting my sh*t together I saw I had repeated the same cycle at least 5 times in the last ten years.

Each time I reached a peak. I would improve my standards. I would learn new skills. I would shed an older version of myself... Then scale more significant summits.

There was a clear process to it all. 

I have broken this process into a simple three-step system that guarantees success.

The steps work well in order...

But you can experience many parts of the PRO Accelerator simultaneously.

Designing my life around three clear steps allowed me to see the barriers in my own life...

While developing an eye for seeing other people's bottlenecks and dumb sh*t in life and business...

This is YOUR real problem…

Your current way of working is preventing you from achieving your goals.

You’re too busy... Too stressed... Too confused.

You're doing too much Dumb Sh*t

We need to reduce your overwhelm.
And remove small goals that don’t move your business forward.

We need to increase your focus
And remove distractions.

We need to multiply your results
By focusing on what matters most.

Are you ready to achieve more by doing less?

Schedule your clarity call and in your first session we’ll pinpoint the exact barriers that are preventing you from moving forward.


I Want In The Program

Now, pause for a moment.

Forget about the generic advice and cookie-cutter strategies self-proclaimed experts have fed you.

Imagine, three months from now, leading a streamlined, efficient, and thriving business.

You've broken through that plateau, and you're scaling higher and higher, free from the constant stress and frustration.

With the PRO-Accelerator, that's not just a dream. It's an achievable goal.


By the End of the program... You'll Have Mastered:

➡️ How to free up 10+ hours a week

➡️ Your performance & vision that fuels you, every day

➡️ How to escape the ‘Busy Trap’ and focus on High-Value Activities

➡️ What to do to minimize stress, anxiety, frustration, & procrastination

➡️ Creating your ideal day to produce results

➡️ Setting up and completing quarterly sprints

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How it Works


The 3-step Pro Accelerator framework


In my 15+ years of coaching and leadership, this is the single most IMPACTFUL truth I’ve discovered...


99% of the time, high-performers like you are NOT doing the simple stuff that will move you closer to your goals.



It's proven that 80% of the results you create in your business come from 20% of the work you put in.


Most people think they need to focus on the 20% to improve.


This is wrong...

You need to remove the 80% that's not working first.


Once I started to experience this truth in every area of life – business, relationships, health – the path to success became crystal clear.


This is a simple problem that requires a simple solution.

And that’s what the PRO Accelerator is – an
EASY 3-step process:


(P) Performance and Vision Enhancement

  • Removing Overwhelm
  • Gaining Clarity on Meaningful Goals
  • Dropping Useless Projects & Tasks
  • Learning To Be Fully Present


(R) Results & Income Boost

  • Prioritizing High-Value Activities
  • Executing High Dollar Tasks
  • Structuring Your Best Daily Hours To Produce Results


(O) Organization & Simplification

  • Removing ALL Limiting Barriers
  • Defeating the Habits of Self-Sabotage
  • Maximizing Mental, Physical & Emotional Health
  • Learning the Art of the ‘Quarterly Sprint’

At this stage of the game, it’s time to transition from hard work to SMART WORK.

Smart work requires strategy.

That’s where the PRO Accelerator comes in. I’m going to guide you every step of the way and show you EXACTLY where to self correct…

Schedule your free clarity call, and together we’ll get you super clear on your goals, and the very next steps you can take to achieve them.


Forget the high-pressure sales tactics you're used to; this call is all about understanding your unique roadblocks and charting your path to success.


So, are you ready to defy the gurus, toss out the productivity hacks, and truly transform your life and business?


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How to Apply


Fill out the Application form + book a call

Click here and find a time that works for you on Stephen’s calendar. Click the date you want, and fill out the application form. Once you submit, your Clarity Call will get automatically scheduled


The FREE Clarity Call

In this short conservation, Stephen will ask you a series of questions about your business and goals. Whether or not you decide to join the Pro Accelerator, you’ll walk away with HUGE value and actionable steps for how to move forward in your business.

Stephen will outline his custom coaching approach, based on what you need right now.


Let’s GO!

If you and Stephen decide that the Pro Accelerator is the best fit for your business, you’ll start immediately with a mini-course with 8 short exercises to level up your clarity, vision, and mindset.

Even if you don't sign up...you and Stephen can still be friends.

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Enough Talk, My Results Speak For Themselves...

Whether you want to earn more money or work less hours, I've got you covered.

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