”Acorn Thinking” Is A Ground-Breaking Performance Method For Business Owners That Allows You To Escape Ruts, Reclaim Hours, And Boost Profits All Without Starting Any New Habits In Under 90 Days

“Going through the program has been life-changing for me. I can now move into the next phase of my business.”
- Mike Lamb Business leader and Coach.
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Dear friend...

I’d like to make you an extremely bold promise…

With my simple three-step "Acorn Thinking Matrix" you'll transform yourself from a distracted poor performer to a powerful results generator.

You'll quickly reduce stress, escape multi-year ruts, and improve your business profits. Without doing more work, without complicated systems, and even if you've tried every other program on the market.

I know this sounds a bit fantastical. And quite frankly, when I created this system, I realized I had a serious problem.

My problem? How do I describe these powerful strategies and techniques without making it sound like a bunch of hype or BS?

But if you hang in here with me for a few minutes, you’ll quickly see that what I have to show you is completely down to earth, quite simple to learn and apply, and devastatingly effective.

And you can get results just like Scott Watier from Texas: "Stephen has given me 50% of my time back in a given week. I now have that bandwidth to go build and create more of the fun stuff."

Quick question...

Do you know that it takes 3 to 5 years for an Acorn seed to grow into a tree?

Good, you do.

Well, the Acorn Thinking Matrix is that process but on steroids. Instead of waiting 3 to 5 years, this system will have you making moves in weeks and months.

You can and will escape any ruts or plateaus you’re stuck in.

 Here’s The Costly Truth About How Short-term Thinking Negatively Affects 79% Of Entrepreneurs


Did you know that not having a specific future vision lowers your chances of succeeding in life and business?

In fact…

One study showed that only 13% of people think beyond one year into the future, while 79% think only a few weeks or up to six months ahead.

Combined with these other studies you start to see why short-termism is a real problem for business owners…

The clever folks at Harvard found that over 95% of people don’t have written goals.

And in the world of social media, recent studies show that our attention spans have dropped from 12 seconds to as low as 8 seconds over the last two generations.

Meaning, many entrepreneurs similar to you are becoming like the children in the Stanford Marshmallow Test (more on this later)… rather than waiting 15 minutes to get the second marshmallow. You’re eating the one in front of you for instant gratification.


The thing is…

This means that business owners who follow a performance system that provides clarity, purpose, and structure have the key to reducing stress and improving their income quickly, and that’s attainable only through the Acorn Thinking Matrix.

You see… those who use Acorn Thinking develop a defined future over the longer term and have the patience to keep moving toward it. This helps them create a massive competitive advantage and live their dream lives.


The BIG takeaway…

Short-term thinking and actions have you chasing 10 wild rabbits and catching none.

Hold up! Before we go any further, who am I to discuss these strategies and techniques with?

My Name Is Stephen Timoney. Over The Last Three Years, I Have Coached Dozens Of Business Owners One-on-one, Creating These Results…

✅ Helped a podcast host reclaim 20 hours a week to focus on scaling their core business


✅ Helped a clothing company owner make $50,000 in sales within weeks of working together


✅ Helped a publishing house owner increase their company cash flow to $800,000 by removing lower-value work from their schedule


✅ Helped a winery owner drop destructive habits by creating a clear future identity 


✅ Helped a franchise owner raise the standards of his organization and personal workflow


✅ Helped an outdoor apparel company sign a multi-year million-dollar contract by focusing on high-dollar activities


✅ Helped a CEO escape a 2-year rut affecting his family life and business. 


But I was not always a performance coach… I used to be stuck just like you…

I Want In The Program

From Frustrated And Broke Working $14.95 An Hour To Creating A Multi-six-figure Business

I was once the king of short-term thinking and over-optimization.

You see when I started my self-improvement journey…

I jumped straight into using all the habits and hacks you can think of… 5 am get-up times, meditation, journaling, cold showers, biohacking, fasting, time tracking, fancy calendars, affirmations, and anything else I thought would give me an advantage.

While it took me out of my rut, it created another one down the line…

Let me explain…

Back in 2012, I worked in a record store. Yes, I was a cool hipster earning $14.95 an hour. Yet, I was about to turn 33, had little to my name and would spend most weekends in dirty, sweaty nightclubs to the wee hours of the morning.

The situation was complex. I moved to Canada in 2009 and had spent 2+ years trapped in a job linked to my visa application. (Unfortunately, change jobs and you start the 18-month+ process from the beginning again).

Eventually, in March 2012, I got my Canadian resident visa, which meant I was out of the system and could switch jobs. By May, I had found a commission sales job selling luxury clothes.

Now… I knew I didn’t want to be stuck anymore… I knew I didn’t want to work low-dollar jobs. So, I plunged head-first into this new sales job and leaned into self-improvement.

The first 2 years of this new job flew by. I was promoted a few times. I made close to $100K two years in a row.


All The Hacks Worked… Until They Didn’t


I hit a wall hard in late 2014. I was burning out.

The thing is… the hacks started to feel like a chore.

I was getting promoted again. But so were other people who had half my work ethic. I felt like I was putting so much in and getting less out.

In fact, I now had 3 managers and 15+ team members below me, and my wage dropped to around $70K in 2015. I wasn’t selling as much because I was running around trying to do everything and hacking my way to success.

Sounds stressful, right?

Burnt out, fed up, I broke…

In early 2016, I quit the sales job. It was not a good time. The break up was a little messy, and I jumped right into another sales job selling Audis (that was a fun mistake)

You know the saying… Everywhere you go there you are.

Well, it’s so true. I went from one job to the next, expecting my life to change, but it didn’t. The hacks still felt like a chore. I knew this was not where I wanted to be.

Onward to the summer of shifting identity.

In June 2016, I left the sales industry and took 3 months off before finding a corporate leadership role.

I am writing this today because of those 3 months.

The upside of that time off, I read books, took programs, went to yoga a few times a week, and played soccer more often.

But Most Importantly I Discovered The Missing Secret Behind Success

The bad news is that I spent 4 years of my life using hacks, setting short-term goals, and reacting to external factors.

The good news is that I now knew why I had burnt out and why I hit a wall harder than an out-of-control freight train.

What did I discover?

I discovered I never shifted my Identity.

And that's the secret to success...

Shifting Your Identity. 

Interesting, right? 

You see, I was essentially the same Stephen in 2012 as in 2016 with the same core beliefs and identity, forcing myself to take actions I was not always aligned with.

My old identity could not cope with the demands and roles that NEW Stephen found himself in 2014, 15 and 16

Obviously, the hacks and habits I had and used only covered the cracks of an identity breaking under pressure.

Now, Identity is the core foundational first step in everything I do.

Did it work?  It sure did…

Over the last 8 years, I have been promoted many times, earned a good six-figure salary, and started my own business based on moving toward the identity I set for my future self.

I’ve now helped dozens of business owners use future Identity to make significant changes and boost their results.

Because… your future identity reveals your standards, which develop your actions to create the life you want.

To do that…

I Want In The Program

You Need To Swap Out Your Marshmallow Brain For An Acorn Brain!

Remember earlier when I mentioned the Standford marshmallow experiment?

Well, this study and the many that have followed, retesting the findings, found children who can wait for a reward have a better future and higher cognitive abilities.

Things get deeper… in a 2022 follow-up study, they found that cultural differences also play a significant role, with American and European children having the shortest delay time before snatching a snack than many other regions tested.

What does this mean?

Short-termism and instant gratification are a part of our culture.

You see… this is why you need to use your Acorn brain. The philosopher Roman Krnaric developed the term in reaction to the Marshmallow brain from the Standford tests.

The fact is, humans are the only mammals on this beautiful floating ball of space dust who can think long-term.

Here’s some framing… just think about how many years the pyramids or most cathedrals took to build.

Did you know the average medieval cathedral took between 50 and 100 years to build? 

To give you context, the average life span back then was 35 years… that’s short, right?

You can only do projects like that with longer-term or Acorn Thinking.

Makes sense? 

The acorn brain is the part of our brain that makes more contemplative longer-term connections… while the marshmallow brain likes the quick reward.

The thing is… all of us have this circuitry, not just the select few who seem gifted with “big ideas.”

That’s important to remember.

Because if you have it… all you have to do is learn how to use it.

You might be thinking…

This is great and all but how does this affect me?

Well, to get to the point…

I combined the acorn brain concept with the future-self processes I already use to help business owners boost results and developed The Acorn Thinking Matrix.

I Want In The Program

This Is WHY The Acorn Thinking Matrix Is A Unique Three-Step Process That Helps Business Owners Tap Into The Long-Term When Developing Their Identity Standards And Actions

The data tells us…

Thinking long-term with your life and business goals increases your chances of success…

Over 384 separate studies have shown that goal-setting has a statistically significant effect on behaviour. Setting future goals gives you at least a 40% higher chance of success.

The Acorn Thinking Matrix taps into this power.

Smart, right?

The Matrix has increased the income of business owners who use the program, saving dozens at least 10 hours a week, reduce stress, escape multi-year ruts, and flow with momentum.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve worked with 30+ clients facing the frustrations of short-term actions and thinking.

Like you, they want to escape ruts and improve their performance in their business but have been disappointed with the results.

Especially recently, when life feels like it's moving faster and faster with AI, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle.

Sadly… many have accepted that fighting fires and being overwhelmed is the norm.

Busy has become a badge of honour.

Unfortunately, you've been told to use hacks, optimize your days, and use fancy systems, but if the answer were that simple, you wouldn’t be reading this now.

That kind of shallow advice is your enemy!

You've seen it... it's all over social media because it's the advice you get from asking copycatGPT to create content on improving performance. 

Avoid that shallow dribble at all costs.

Got it? 

The fact is, improving your performance and creating your dream life is getting harder, but I don’t want you to think it's impossible because it's not.

The good news is there is a shift happening. People are waking up to the right way to change. The right way to use your future identity to drive your daily actions.

Improving your performance is the best opportunity for your business. It's like upgrading your car from an old Honda SUV to an Audi RS Q8... more power, improved handling, and a superior overall feeling.

And to help you what you need is a strategy to slice through the noise.

You see, there's a common thread with business owners who are thriving and not just pumping out numbers but also enjoying life and time with their families.

They know where they're going and what's important to them.

The Identity-Standards-Actions they set themselves are the vehicles they use to show up and improve everything in their life:

- Health
- Wealth
- Mindset
- Family time
- Experiences

The thing is, poor health, constant stress, slow business growth, no free time, and a lack of satisfaction ALL improve when you improve your performance.

What's more, improving your performance is infectious, which means those in your environment notice and take lead from your actions.

But many think they need to be some type of superhuman like David Goggins or Andrew Huberman to make improvements.

This is false. Understand?

I’m certainly not superhuman, and neither are my clients. They’re ‘normal’ business owners and entrepreneurs who want to reach their potential.

I tell them what I'm about to tell you: Performance isn't about hitting personal bests day after day.

It's about how well you connect with your identity and how satisfied you feel daily.

The kicker here is... people trip up because they don't have a clear roadmap and chase results, get sucked into hacks, and beat themselves up over their perceived lack of progress.

And don't get me started on the push from productivity bros to pitch AI and overcooked optimization systems as a magic pill.

They don’t realize that successful performance is all about inner work.

Which is where I’d like to help you.


I Want In The Program

 How Does The Matrix Work?

The Acorn Thinking Matrix is a bespoke coaching system that maximizes your Identity, Standards, and Actions. Allowing you to lower stress, save time, and make more money without starting new habits in under 90 days

To do this… The Acorn Thinking Matrix taps into the cutting edge of future-self thinking…

Science is now telling us that who you want to become and what you want to do in the future have a far greater impact on your behaviour and results than older self-help strategies focused on “fixing” your past. 

Follow This Simple Loop To Success:


The Acorn Thinking Matrix is a repetitive loop that focuses on improving your identity, shaping your standards and influencing your actions.

Once you match your actions to your new identity and standards, the loop starts again as you reach for more significant goals in life and business.

This is by far the easiest and fastest way to become a business owner who works daily on their high-leverage/dollar activities, saves time, and enjoys life more.

The BIG win here…

This doesn’t take a lot of effort or time to implement.


You’re already taking many of the right actions… you just haven’t organized them under a unified set of principles.

You already sleep, work, eat.. etc.

With the Acorn Thinking Matrix, you improve on those actions by setting higher standards linked to a defined identity.

You’re not reinventing your wheel… you’re making your wheel spin faster.

I Want In The Program

Positive results from clients using the Acorn Thinking Matrix:


Keilan was stuck in a procrastination puzzle and conventional productivity "hacks" had failed him.

The Acorn Thinking Matrix helped him solve his puzzle by finding and focusing on his high-dollar activities. 

"Stephen's strategies helped me make $50k within weeks of working with him. While also providing my weeks structure."

Keilan Clark: Co-owner 7-figure business


Byron was fighting burnout because he was wasting time on low-value high-touch work and dumb sh*t distractions.

The Acorn Thinking Matrix helped him create an inspiring new Ultimate Scenario for his life and business. With this, he was able to clearly see what he needed to focus on and the dumb sh*t to remove. 

"I increased revenue in both my businesses. Spent more time with my family and released some bad habits with your frameworks."

Byron Mignanelli: Co-owner in two 7-figure businesses


Nate was the perfect example of a multitasking entrepreneur, always busy but it felt like nothing was getting done.

The Acorn Thinking Matrix helped him create productivity zones for his high-value and high-dollar work. When in these zones he focused on one thing until done.

"I got mentally clear and organized as I scaled my 7-figure sneaker business. I also learned how to systemize my weeks"

Nate Reinhart: Co-owner 7-figure business


Joel was the time-strapped leader, back to back meetings and constant demands. His traditional work structure had him working in the business not on the business. 

The Acorn Thinking Matrix gave him the processes, systems, and structure to focus on the right activities at the right time.

"Stephen helped free up at least 10 hours a week and got me focusing on 90-day sprints. That gave me a sense of urgency to create results."

Joel Denny: Co-owner 7-figure business


Scott was a juggler of daily tasks and a late-night worker.

The Acorn Thinking Matrix took him from juggling family, personal goals and working late to catch up to being the master of his schedule and time.

Stephen has given me 50% of my time back in a given week. I now have that bandwidth to go build and create more of the fun stuff."

Dr. Scott Watier, Co-Owner of Fasting for Life


That’s Why… The Acorn Thinking Matrix is a unique set of three steps helping you: 

• Remove Overwhelm and Stress: The unorthodox secret to ensure you're not sabotaging your days with too much dumb sh*t and emotional BS.

• To Be In The Gain: A heavy-duty... yet 100% simple to learn strategy (used by a wildly successful business coach) for creating the right mindset in minutes.

• Build the right Guard Rails: How to make sure you’re not going off track as you scale your mountain of success (in fact, this method will have you sprinting up mountains)

• Close Open Loops: A clever trick (backed by science) to call out the activities that have kept you stuck for years. In one exercise you will know what to drop and delegate to free up hours and boost your energy.

• Focus on High-Value work for longer: Learn the Productivity Diet (unique system based on the food pyramid) that will get you into peak performance with the activities that matter most.

• Improve goal-setting and vision planning: If you have a pen and paper you can change the direction of your life in under 1 hour by creating an Ultimate Scenario that will fuel you for years.

• Understand how to Tactically Track and use Feedback Loops: Blunt non-complex advice on how to project manage your life (probably better than any BIG 4 firm could do it.)

• Reduce Energy Vampires: These energy-sucking objects... people... projects are killing your performance. Learn how to vanquish these monsters (without needing a wooden stake) from your life forever.

• Know how to effectively use 90-Day Sprints: The truth is you're setting your goals incorrectly. HINT: They shouldn’t be set in January and forgotten about by February



Who It’s For & Who It’s Not For

The Acorn Thinking Matrix wasn’t made for anybody and everybody. It was specifically tailored for a certain type of person to win BIG. 

Who it’s for:

Business owners: If you want to reduce stress, free up more time, and improve results, it’s best to understand the power of long-term and future self thinking. So whether you’re new to running your business or you’re more seasoned, the matrix was made for you. 

You’ll learn the skill of putting identity first, raising your standards, and the right actions that lead to massive results.

Coaches/consultants/solopreneurs:  If you have an online business up and running and all your activities and opportunities are swamping you, the matrix is designed to help create a narrow and fast path forward.

Executives and business leaders:
If you’re leading an organization and your actions have a tangible and direct impact on money-making activities, the matrix will help improve your performance.

Who it’s not for:

Someone who wants to make money without learning the foundations: If you don’t believe in learning the foundations you can use to make any business or situation work, this is not for you. 

With that said, the proven skill foundation we leverage inside the Acorn Thinking Matrix is Future Self-Development. If you are not interested in using your future self to reduce stress, free up time and make more money then this is NOT for you.

Someone who wants to consume but never apply: Everything inside the Acorn Thinking Matrix Program is geared towards action-taking. So if you expect this to be a program where you can consume without acting, you’re in for a rude awakening. 

This is not that. I’m giving away all the inside knowledge I know and the results people generate with this information are important to me because my reputation is ultimately on the line. 

So if you’re one to consume but never apply… please do not join this because you will be held accountable to take action.

Someone who isn’t willing to invest in themselves: A lot of the in-depth content, guides, and frameworks I’ve shared throughout my personal brand have been given away for free or at a lower dollar. But the Acorn Thinking Matrix requires a real investment on your part. 

This is a paid program and demands your commitment. So if you don’t want to invest in yourself to solve your problems and get what you deserve from life then this is not the right fit for you.


I Want In The Program

The Investment

Let's Have A Conversation And Find The Bespoke Package For You...

The Acorn Thinking Matrix is designed to be a partnership between yourself and Stephen to help you improve your self-performance.

The program has packages ranging from cohorts to monthly sprints all the way to year long partnerships, starting as low as $250 USD rising to $1000 USD per week. (currently)

For the best results the majority of new clients choose to work with Stephen for a minimum of 6 months, giving you two 90-day sprints to shift your identity, improve your standards, develop those high leverage actions to boost results and profits

I Want In The Program

Now, pause for a moment.

Forget about the generic advice and cookie-cutter strategies other self-proclaimed experts have fed you.

Imagine, three months from now, leading a streamlined, efficient, and thriving life.

You've broken through that plateau, scaling higher and higher, free from the constant stress and frustration.

With the Acorn Thinking Matrix, that's not just a dream. It's an achievable goal.


By the End of the program... You'll Have Mastered:

➡️ How to free up 10+ hours a week

➡️ Your performance & created an Identity that fuels you every day

➡️ How to escape the ‘Busy Trap’ and focus on High-Value Activities

➡️ What to do to minimize stress, anxiety, frustration, & procrastination

➡️ How to use your standards to create your ideal day to produce results

➡️ Setting up and completing quarterly sprints so you're always hitting your goals

I Want In The Program

How to Apply


Fill out the Application form + book a call

Click here and find a time that works for you on Stephen’s calendar. Click the date you want, and fill out the application form. Once you submit, your Clarity Call will get automatically scheduled


The FREE Clarity Call

In this short conservation, Stephen will ask you a series of questions about your business and goals. Whether or not you decide to join the program you’ll walk away with HUGE value and actionable steps for how to move forward in your business.

Stephen will outline his custom coaching approach, based on what you need right now.


Let’s GO!

If you and Stephen decide that the Acron Thinking Matrix is the best fit for you and your business, you’ll start immediately with a mini-course with 8 short exercises to level up your clarity, vision, and mindset.

Even if you don't sign up...you and Stephen can still be friends.

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Enough Talk, My Results Speak For Themselves...

Whether you want to earn more money or work less hours, I've got you covered.

Check out these full length interviews with my clients:



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