You’ve accomplished a LOT. But you've been stuck in a rut for months or years. Let's change that...

Scott Saved 20 Hours A Week

Keilan Made A $50k Sale In Weeks

Nate Scaled His 7-Figure Business  

By using the PRO Accelerator...they eliminated the dumb sh*t trigging mental fatigue. Freed up hours each week. Built momentum towards their life goals. All while enhancing business performance.

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You've listened to the so-called gurus.

You've tried every productivity hack, system, and strategy under the sun.

But no matter what new 'miracle method' you try, your business remains stagnant, unable to scale past your current plateau.


Isn't it time you tried something different?

 Hi, I’m Stephen.

And this is the 90-day PRO Accelerator.

I'm not your typical productivity guru.

I don't peddle quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions.

Instead, I offer the PRO-Accelerator — a unique, tailored approach designed to reclaim 10 hours of your week allowing you to enhance your business performance and build momentum within 90 days.


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Stephen has given me 50% of my time back in a given week. I now have that bandwidth to go build and create. More of the fun stuff, rather than that day-to-day repetition, low-value, high-touch type work that I didn’t realize was holding me back."

Dr. Scott Watier, Co-Owner of Fasting for Life


“I landed a $50,000 contract within a month and a half of working with Stephen. That was huge. That was through cold outreach. And one of the biggest things I was putting off was cold outreach.”

Keilan Clark, Owner of Rain Gear Pro


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Before we go on, I need to say this…

You’ve already accomplished a LOT.

You’ve started a business... led teams...made big changes in your life. You’ve taken huge risks and seen them pay off. You’ve enjoyed a taste of success. And you want MORE.

But here’s the secret…

What got you to where you are today isn’t going to take you to the next level. In fact, the very patterns, habits and systems you use are keeping you stuck.

And this is an expensive problem to have. It's sucking up your time and costing you $$$.

So what do you do?

You might have a big audacious goal for your business (maybe it involves 7 figures). But you have no clue how to get there. Or maybe you don’t have a clear vision or purpose. All you know is that you don’t want to stay put.


This is the crossroads where I see SO many business owners flounder.


You can read all the books, watch all the YouTube videos, and even buy all the digital products. But most performance coaches get it totally wrong. Trust me, I’ve personally read over 221 self-performance, productivity, and personal growth books.

"Game-changing, even in the first 2 calls of working with Stephen."

Subhajit Banerjee, Corporate Leader & Coach

Transformation doesn’t come from trying all the hacks and “fixes” out there to “optimize” your performance.

So what really works?

Doing less dumb sh*t.

It sounds simple, but it’s profound. It takes you getting crystal clear on your true vision. (And I’m not talking about your purpose being about raking in $100k a month. Sure that’s great, but you have a much deeper purpose for your one single life.) And I’ll give you a hint – you’re not going to discover that deep purpose by binging shallow self-improvement content.

This is the real problem…

Your current way of working is preventing you from achieving your goals. You’re too busy. Too stressed. Too confused.

We need to reduce your overwhelm.
And remove small goals that don’t move your business forward.

We need to increase your focus
And removing distractions.

We’re going to multiply your results
By removing what doesn't work.


Are you ready to achieve more by doing less?

Schedule your clarity call and in your free session we’ll pinpoint the exact barriers that are preventing you from moving forward.


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Now, pause for a moment.

Forget about the generic advice and cookie-cutter strategies self-proclaimed experts have fed you.

Imagine, three months from now, leading a streamlined, efficient, and thriving business.

You've broken through that plateau, and you're scaling higher and higher, free from the constant stress and frustration.

With the PRO-Accelerator, that's not just a dream. It's an achievable goal.


By the End of the Pro Accelerator, You'll Have Mastered:

➡️ How to free up 10+ hours a week

➡️ Your performance & vision that fuels you, every day

➡️ How to escape the ‘Busy Trap’ and focus on High-Value Activities

➡️ What to do to minimize stress, anxiety, frustration, & procrastination

➡️ Creating your ideal day to produce results

➡️ Setting up and completing quarterly sprints

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How it Works


The 3-step Pro Accelerator framework


In my 15+ years of coaching and leadership, this is the single most IMPACTFUL truth I’ve discovered...


99% of the time, high-performers like you are NOT doing the simple stuff that will move you closer to your goals.



It's proven that 80% of the results you create in your business come from 20% of the work you put in.


Most people think they need to focus on the 20% to improve.


This is wrong...

You need to remove the 80% that's not working first.


Once I started to experience this truth in every area of life – business, relationships, health – the path to success became crystal clear.


This is a simple problem that requires a simple solution.

And that’s what the PRO Accelerator is – an
EASY 3-step process:


(P) Performance and Vision Enhancement

  • Removing Overwhelm
  • Gaining Clarity on Meaningful Goals
  • Dropping Useless Projects & Tasks
  • Learning To Be Fully Present


(R) Results & Income Boost

  • Prioritizing High-Value Activities
  • Executing High $$$ Tasks
  • Structuring Your Best Daily Hours To Produce Results


(O) Organization & Simplification

  • Removing ALL Limiting Barriers
  • Defeating the Habits of Self-Sabotage
  • Maximizing Mental, Physical & Emotional Health
  • Learning the Art of the ‘Quarterly Sprint’

At this stage of the game, it’s time to transition from hard work to SMART WORK.

Smart work requires strategy.

That’s where the PRO Accelerator comes in. I’m going to guide you every step of the way and show you EXACTLY where to self correct…

Schedule your free clarity call, and together we’ll get you super clear on your goals, and the very next steps you can take to achieve them.


Forget the high-pressure sales tactics you're used to; this call is all about understanding your unique roadblocks and charting your path to success.


So, are you ready to defy the gurus, toss out the productivity hacks, and truly transform your business?


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How to Apply


Fill out the Application form + book a call

Click here and find a time that works for you on Stephen’s calendar. Click the date you want, and fill out the application form. Once you submit, your Clarity Call will get automatically scheduled


The FREE Clarity Call

In this short conservation, Stephen will ask you a series of questions about your business and goals. Whether or not you decide to join the Pro Accelerator, you’ll walk away with HUGE value and actionable steps for how to move forward in your business.

Stephen will outline his custom coaching approach, based on what you need right now.


Let’s GO!

If you and Stephen decide that the Pro Accelerator is the best fit for your business, you’ll start immediately with a mini-course with 8 short exercises to level up your clarity, vision, and mindset.

Even if you don't sign and Stephen can still be friends.

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Enough Talk, My Results Speak For Themselves...

Whether you want to earn more money or work less hours, I've got you covered. 



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