Episode 63: Have we been lied to about how to focus?

Have we been lied to about how to focus?

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“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”

— Tony Robbins


You've been lied to.

You've been told improving focus is about discipline in the moment.

They told you to use app blockers...the Pomodoro technique...and avoid distractions.

But these are all last-minute band-aids.

My focus quadrupled when I built clear goals...developed a clear why...and improved my energy levels.

If you're trying to focus on key tasks daily in your business...

And have not built the right foundations...you're fighting a losing battle.

The skill of deep focus starts well before you begin working.

That's why I believe in Energy Management 


” WTF is energy management…is it some type of spiritual mumbo jumbo?”

I replied…

“No…it’s not… It’s about keeping your energy high to do the right daily activities.”

I didn’t think it needed explaining.

But then I realized I had coined the term in relation to self-performance.

In the business world…energy management is about optimizing an organization’s energy consumption.

It has nothing to do with getting your energy right...so you can focus on the critical activities in your life.

So they were right to ask.. “WFT is energy management?”

The thing is…

When I’m on X and LinkedIn...I get bored with all the shallow time management BS posts these ChatGPT using productivity accounts bang out daily.

You’ve seen the platitudes.

They list stuff like...

7 time management tips:

  1. Say “No” often
  2. Stop multitasking
  3. Incorporate breaks
  4. Delegate if you need to
  5. Create a plan for the day
  6. Write down your goals for the day
  7. Break 1 large task into small ones

Groundbreaking stuff eh? 

“Yo Stephen… that’s a bit salty.”

Yeah..maybe… sometimes you gotta call things out…or maybe I’ve had too much caffeine today…haha.

It boils my broccoli that few posts mention better energy levels… or building the foundational life pillars that give you energy and direction.

It pisses me off that most people think effective productivity comes from shallow hacks and systems.

This is why I started saying stuff like this back in 2021…

Time management is a crucial skill to learn. But energy management is ultimately much more important.

If you don’t have your energy right…which includes building core pillars and goals in your life

No time management systems or hacks will give lasting results.

Time management is a tactic.

 Energy management is based on core principles:

• Eating well

• Exercising

• Having goals

• Sleeping well

• Having a long-term vision

It’s taking me 10+ years of personal development journey to form this opinion. 

I’ve read 100s of success books and spent $50K+ on coaches…cohorts…and programs over those years.

I’ve now also coached dozens of business owners… 

And the biggest needle mover with them was creating the right energy for the right activities at the right time.

In my own life…

This all started when I removed anything from my life that sucked my energy.

I called out the dumb sh*t that was destroying my energy.

In May 2012…I started working a 100% commission sales job…

If your energy was off and you struggled during the week…guess what happened…

Your paycheque was sh*t

I got to the point in September of that year… I nearly quit. 

I was still going out at the weekends… I would finish work selling luxury suits…be in a luxury suit…and think…

”Well...I’m already downtown…I might as well hit some lounges.” 

Dumb sh*t.

Yes…I was in a good suit and I had some cash…but I was still broke.

I would then drag myself out of bed on a Monday morning…look in the bathroom mirror and think…

”I can’t keep doing this sh*t.”
”How much did I spend on Saturday?”


That’s when I snapped. 

I started to drop the worst habits.

I wanted to be away from temptation.

I walked away from a few friend groups.

I made of list of the dumb sh*t I was doing.


Here’s the thing…within a few weeks… 

My whole energy changed.

I was sleeping better…I wasn’t drinking booze…I was eating healthier…I was using my downtime more productively.

That’s when I realized the right energy gave me the strength to do good sh*t.

I stopped trying to start new habits...I focused on removing bad habits.

The good habits filled their spots naturally.

Today...I have shortened this whole process down to a three-word phrase.

Remove to improve.

Good stuff Stpehen...But how does energy management help me?

Good question…

Over the years... I have been able to pull out 5 key ways energy management has benefited me:

Hopefully…they will benefit you.

 1) More focus:

When you take responsibility for your energy… you gain the power of focus. 

I found that because my sleep improved my willpower or discipline to get sh*t done also improved. 

I could sit and work longer without needing cheap dopamine hits from notifications.


2) More confidence:

When your energy is high… it helps you make decisions that create positive results.

When you don’t maintain your energy…you often make decisions tired and feel rushed. 

More energy made me more money.

From being able to focus on high-dollar work for longer to being promoted many times…because I showed up with energy daily. 

Energy creates confidence…confidence creates success.


3) Less Stress:

When you’re low energy…

You invite overwhelm…frustration…and procrastination into your life. 

This creates unneeded stress.

With higher energy… I could do the activities I set out to do each day. 

I closed the gap between the person I wanted to be and who showed up daily.

This lowered my stress levels.


4) Better relationships:

When you have high energy you find it easier to have better relationships with others.

Life is all about connection…the better you connect..the further you get in life.

When your energy is off…you don’t have time for other people. 

I was grumpy or irritable the first few days of each week. 

That changed...and the direction of my career and life changed.


5) Better results:

Get the other points on this list right… you will improve your results.

Your results are based on the actions you take.

Those actions are based on the decisions you make.

Your decisions and actions will improve if your energy is on point.


Energy management is a core principle behind focus.

If you can master your energy….you can master your life.

By having higher energy... you will attract more positivity into your life. 

It does take time…deep work… and constant effort… But the upside is well worth it.


The question for you today...

How is your energy management?


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