Episode 59: Energy Management is more important than Time Management

Welcome to the SPS Podcast.

In this episode: I want to discuss how energy management changed my life...

And why...Energy Management is more important than Time Management.

“High energy does not necessarily mean fast, high energy has to do with heart.”
~ Lou Reed

Energy is one of the most essential pillars of my progress.

When I was younger and going through my party years…I never had the energy to focus on anything more than getting through the day.

I even selected a career in retail because I knew I could cruise through the days. But the long hours and sh*t pay created more frustration in my life.

Anytime I tried to start something new…learn a skill…or change my life around...I struggled.

It was too easy for me to go out and party on the weekend. Then spend my weeknights catching up on sleep.

I kept falling into the trap of thinking I had no discipline and lacked the ability to focus. I saw other people getting promoted…making moves…and getting sh*t done.

I let a limiting story take control in my mind…I thought I didn’t have the talent to succeed.

By the back end of my 20s…I was in a rut...I had a deep desire to change. I was fed up with my constant cycle of stop-start.

For some reason… I asked myself one day… “What’s standing in my way.”

For years…I had always looked to add new habits and actions to my schedule…but I had never thought about what was in my way.

What was slowing me down?

Instantly…I thought about my energy.

I was always putting off or dropping new habits because I was tired or recovering from a heavy party weekend.

I thought…if my energy was higher…it would allow me to…read more…start new habits…improve my life.

For me... the math was simple…
Higher energy = More positive actions.

I didn’t have a discipline problem...I had an energy problem.

I started looking at all the energy vampires in my life: 
• Too much TV 
• Too much sh*t food 
• Too many party weekends 
• Not enough sleep or recovery

One by one...I removed all the dumb sh*t that was sucking my energy.

I started seeing my energy as the core foundation of positive habits and actions in life.

Once I made this shift…my life became easier.

I no longer put myself under the stress of adding new habits. Or trying to shoehorn in some positive actions.

I looked at my actions in a more binary way. Does this give or does it take away my energy?

I focused on removing the energy-draining actions.

Because of this...

I went from $30k a year retail jobs in my early 30s to running an online business that has made me over 6-figures in my early 40s.

Over 10 years of focusing on high energy has changed my life.

I used to suck at energy management…but now I help other business owners and solopreneurs build a ton of momentum with their high energy.

If you want to get sh*t done in life and business.
For me...the first pillar to fix or improve is your energy.

You can’t do sh*t without high levels of energy.

Trust me...I tried and failed.

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