Episode 54: The 10 golden rules I use to do less but create a lot more results.

Let's discuss The 10 golden rules I use to do less but create a lot more results.


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These rules have... Saved me over 10 hours a week. Removed frustration. And helped me enhance my business performance.   

I used to work 12-hour days.

I would struggle to make progress in life and grow my business.

But then I discovered 10 rules that changed my life.  

As Robert Heinlein said:

"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something."      


Rule 1: I developed systems:

All successful people have systems.

This rule helps me structure my days.

Making me focus on high-value and high-dollar activities.

If it's important to you...You need to create systems to help get it done.

Make your work automatic.      


Rule 2: I Devoted time to meditation:

For many successful people...Meditation is a key part of the day.


It improves your focus and thinking.

This rule helps me observe what's happening around me.

It helps clear my mind and focus on the right thoughts. Essential habit.      


Rule 3: I do less:

This isn't about being lazy.

It's about being selective with what you choose to do.

This rule helps me do the right amount of tasks at the right time helping me succeed.

Stop beating yourself up mentally...Thinking you must do 100 things for 12hrs a day.      


Rule 4: I do one thing at a time:

This is a simple focus rule...When you're doing something focus only on it.

This rule helps me...Focus on one task until done.

As the Zen proverb says: "When walking, walk. When eating, eat."      


Rule 5: I do things with intention:

Don't rush... Keep things simple and take your time.

This rule helps me make my actions deliberate. I no longer feel rushed or make random choices.

As they say... Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.      


Rule 6: I finish what I start:

Too often...you get close to finishing.

Then distraction puts new shiny ideas in front of you.

Creating a problem...It rewires your brain to focus on new and different.

This rule helps me ignore shiny distractions and get sh*t done.      


Rule 7: I create space between tasks:

Don't schedule things so close together.

Give yourself time to unwind.

Relax with intention and use your time well.

This rule helps me reflect on what I'm doing and why.

Frustration is waiting in the wings if you don't create space daily.    


Rule 8: I designate time:
Two thoughts here...

1. Creating specific days and times for tasks mean they get done often.

2. Your brain works differently at different times of the day. You do more when you do things at the right time.
This rule helps get more sh*t done daily.  


Rule 9: I work with others:
Many successful people spend part of their day working with-coaching- or mentoring others.
You need a network.
This rule helps remind me that...Working with others keeps you focused and motivated.
Peer accountability is a win-win situation.  


Rule 10: I make gratitude part of my day:
You can't be grateful and frustrated at the same time.
Try it...it's impossible.
This rule reminds me...when you are in a state of gratitude...
You will find it easier to focus on the important activities in your life and business.



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