Episode 50: How to do a reset when life gets crazy in under ONE hour

Let’s discuss how to press the reset button in your life and business.

 Welcome to the SPS Podcast.

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”

― Richie Norton


How I got off track and how a reset saved my week.

Something I am hyper-aware of as a solopreneur...

When your positive habits and success systems break down, you break down. Anytime I have a bad week, I can point to a few systems being out of sync.

Protect them as if your life and business depend on them.

Because they do.


Over the last week, my daily walks weren’t so daily, my morning meditation didn’t happen like clockwork, and my journal went missing for a few days.

The results?

By Thursday, I felt tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed.


Luckily, on Friday, I hit all my habits. Saturday and Sunday both became reset days. I started Monday morning with purpose and direction.


But all my struggles happened because my core habits slipped out of sync.

It started last weekend when I visited my parents.

I let one habit slip. Then two. Then four days passed and my days looked different from what they usually do.

Last Monday should have been a reset day.

However, it took until Thursday to see how my habits had unravelled.


I am not a robot.

You are not a robot.

This will happen to all of us.


But the more you close the gap between your good and bad days, the more you will improve your standards and win in your life and business.


But wait, I hear you say: How did you do a reset? What’s your process?


The 4-step process I use to turn myself off and then back on again.

Take 30 minutes and go through these 4 steps and you will reset yourself.


1) The Check-In

Pull out your journal and ask:

• What habits are you not doing?

• What dumb sh*t are you doing?

• What emotions are driving your actions?


Take 10 minutes, brain dump, and get specific.

Without awareness, it’s impossible to reset.


2) Remove dumb sh*t and realign to your core pillars:

The reason you need a reset is:

• You lack energy and focus

• You feel overwhelmed and frustrated

• You’re not doing high-value habits


Review your notes and highlight what you can drop.

The goal is to focus on hitting your core habits.


Create space for yourself:


Prioritize your high-value activities.

• Family time

• Positive habits

• Recharge and relax


While removing the dumb sh*t taking over your schedule. Scale back all the activities you can. Be RUTHLESS.


Also, remember to be grateful for your struggles. They’re teaching you lessons.


3) Big domino habit:

Have a reliable go-to system you use to kickstart your days.

• Going for a walk

• Going to the gym

• Meditation and journaling


Whatever it is, you know when you do it increases your chance of having a good day.


My morning domino habit/system is to:

• Drink a pint of water

• Meditate for 20 minutes

• Then journal for 10 minutes

• Write out all the dumb sh*t I want to avoid that day


It works well for me.


4) Structure provides freedom:

You need a reset because chaos has entered your life.

Chaos hates a good plan

Chaos hates organization

Chaos hates you taking control mentally


Once you have performed steps 1 to 3 you have completed a mental detox.


Now you build a plan.


Pick 3 Big Rocks for the week:

Don’t go crazy and think you can complete a massive project.


You are bouncing back from a dip. The goal is to hit 3 high-value and high-dollar activities. While removing 80-90% of low-value sh*t.


Like recovering from a sports injury.

Ease yourself back into it.




This is how you do a reset.

 Obviously, you will have to test-learn-adapt as you go. Find the right domino habit. Become ruthless at removing dumb sh*t activities.

A lack of systems may get you into a mess. So, to reset, use a system to get back on track.





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