Why you should use goals as a filter

Jul 13, 2023

Let’s discuss using goals as a filter.


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“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” 

—Andrew Carnegie


Goals are far more important than you think. 


And it’s not just about hitting future targets. 


Goals shape your life. 


By setting clear goals…you gain a filter to sift through the myriad of choices and distractions that flood your daily life. 


You can ask yourself: “Will this action help me progress toward my goals?” 


If the answer is no.

It’s time to drop it and move on to something that matters.


Imagine you’re a chef preparing a delectable dish. 


Your goals act as the recipe…providing clear instructions for each step. 


When you have a goal in mind…it becomes easier to break it down into manageable actions. 


By taking these bite-sized steps. You make progress toward your objectives. Building momentum along the way. 




Rome wasn’t built in a day…but there was a plan and vision. Not just for Rome as a city but for the whole Roman Empire.


By focusing on actionable goals…you can build a thriving business and empire brick by brick.


Picture this….


Most business owners…creators…or solopreneurs are lost in a maze of tasks.


Within this daily maze goals act like a helpful signpost. They show you the way. They act as a filter.


You leave behind the dead-ends of unproductive actions. You avoid the pitfalls of wasted time and effort. 


Goals guide you through the business wilderness with a cheeky smile…saying….


“Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.”


Using goals as a filter helps you create the future you want. 


People have asked me...


“How do you build the discipline to show up each day?”


The funny thing is...

I don’t see myself as disciplined.


I set goals and then use those goals as a daily filter. My goals help me choose my actions.


Future ME needs today ME to do ABC to win.


So I go do the tasks that future ME needs me to do.


“But how do you do that?”


With a little bit of what I call Tactical Woo Woo:


Close your eyes and envision your dream business…your ultimate success scenario.


Now…take the time to write out what that looks like. How does an average day pan out? What does your health and relationships look like? 


You can get super deep and detailed with this.


Feel the surge of excitement and determination that comes from defining your goals. By tapping into these emotions and building a clear picture of what you want.


You’ll start to filter your actions to help you achieve your goals.  


When you align your daily tasks with your overarching goals. Each action becomes a stepping stone toward your dreams. 


Use this process to ignite your passion and let your goals fuel your drive to take the right actions today. 


Now…before we go… let’s challenge the status quo. 


Conventional wisdom tells us to do more. To fill every moment with hustle and grind. 


But you know I think that’s dumb sh*t. 


You need to flip the script….

You need to remove to improve.


By filtering your actions through the lens of your goals…you can cut out the noise and prioritize what matters. 


It’s about working smarter…not harder. 



Working harder limits your thinking.


You need space in your days to focus on your vision and impactful goals.


This is why goals are vital.

They shape your identity.
They tell you what actions to take.
They filter out the dumb sh*t and help save time.


Just don’t set goals.

Use them as tools in your life.

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