7 fundamentals of personal progress

Feb 22, 2023

Let’s talk about 7 key fundamentals that can change your life.


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“Getting lost along your path is a part of finding the path you are meant to be on.”

― Robin Sharma


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On February 22nd, 2013 I wrote my first words in a journal.



This week is the 10th anniversary of my personal development journey.


But the story of getting here starts a few years earlier.


In 2011, I bought Robin Sharma’s book The Leader Who Had No Title.


I was working a $14.95 retail management job. It was at a record store which was fun, but something inside me told me I should be learning more.


One day, I walked into a bookstore and a large display was advertising Robin Sharma’s book.


The universe always provides.


I thought this book was about becoming a better work leader or manager. The book then sat on my shelf for two years. I got a buzz of accomplishment from just buying the book.


You have also been there… don’t lie to me…haha.


In early 2013, I was conversing with a client named Dean at the high-end clothes store I was then working.


I was about 6 months into the new commission sales job and it was tough. To be honest I was thinking of quitting.


Dean was a business owner, realtor, and did some life coaching on the side. He sensed I was not 100% happy in my role. He started asking me questions about my goals for the year.


I stumbled.

I didn’t have an answer.


There I was a man in his early 30s. I had no concrete goals. I couldn’t tell a successful entrepreneur any short- or long-term plans.


I was a little embarrassed.


Now, Dean was being accommodating and gracious with his time.


We stood and spoke for over an hour. He told me about the power behind goals. He mentioned many books to read and names of people to follow.


One name sounded familiar. But I couldn’t remember why.


Later that night, I remember being at home, lying on the bed, watching a TV show on my laptop.


I looked across the room to my bookshelf. BOOM. There was one of the books Dean had mentioned.


The Leader Who Had No Title.


I started reading it.


I was hooked. The book is about a man around the same age as me who was lost and drifting. He goes on a series of trips with a stranger and meets a bunch of impactful mentors.


It was the right book at the right time. I felt like the book was talking to me.


It taught me the foundations of personal development.


While the book has many lessons, I was drawn to the 7 fundamentals Robin Sharma sets out.


7 Fundamentals of Personal Leadership

1. Learning

2. Affirmations

3. Visualization

4. Journaling

5. Goal Setting

6. Exercise

7. Nutrition


A road map to success.


I finished reading the book within a few weeks. The fastest I had ever read a book in my life. I was motivated and wanted to start all 7 habits.


I started getting up early, meditating, reading more books, and of course journaling.


Those 7 fundamentals changed my life.


In 2013 I was promoted twice in the store I worked and finished just below 6 figures in earnings.


It was a huge leap forward for me. I nearly doubled my earnings from the previous year. I was on a new path in my life.


Fast forward to today and I can look back and see the exact moment it all clicked.


It was this book. It was these habits. It was one conversation with a guy named Dean I barely knew and a book by a guru called Robin.


“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready... The teacher will Disappear.”
― Tao Te Ching


I hope you all have an amazing day.


Big love,


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