Resistance will show you the way

Jun 29, 2023

Let’s discuss the mental tax of challenging yourself.


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"The challenge of the unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of the accomplished past."

- Simon Sinek


Have you ever committed to something and then faced resistance?


I will hazard a guess you mentally said yes to that question.


And I would be right.


But…how did I know. Did I suddenly develop psychic powers?


No…I didn’t…it would be cool if I did.

I know because it happens to all of us.


From unhealthy people starting a new diet to ultra-marathon runners hitting a wall 10 hours into a race.


You will face mental… emotional…physical resistance.


I was reading a post about Michael Phelps. The dude has more gold medals than some countries.


But despite his incredible success. Phelps faced significant challenges and setbacks throughout his career.


I had no idea he suffered from mental health issues.


Phelps struggled with depression and anxiety. Crazy the think the most decorated Olympian of all time dealt with these issues.


In 2014…he went through a period of self-doubt and contemplated retirement before going to his final Olympics…the 2016 Rio Games.


He sought help. Figured out a path past the resistance. Finished his career with 28 medals.


Retired a legend.


You might be thinking…How does this help me?


It should give your perspective on your own struggles.


We often think we are the only ones dealing with setbacks…struggles…and resistance.


Here again…I will use my psychic powers…We’re all dealing with this.


I speak with other business owners… solopreneurs…creators almost daily.


I work with clients. I have interviewed people on my podcast. I have had deep conversations with friends.


And we all have one thing in common…our current struggles.


The hill or mountain we are climbing

The plateau or rut we are hiking out off


I think it’s a beautiful thing.


The fact we are all dealing with something.


We all have something in common.


I face resistance daily and over the last few weeks…it has increased.




I am committing to something new and facing resistance.


As you may know on July 1st. I am launching the Loop Of Performance Program as a community with weekly office hours calls.


While it’s been an exciting journey.


It’s also made me question my marketing and writing skills.


I have wondered if the program is good enough - Several internet “strangers” have told me it’s excellent.


But…I still have self-doubt about it.


I go from thinking it will do well to wanting not to launch it.


But this is what happens when you challenge your status quo…


You will face resistance.


At will be reluctant to commit and let go of your status quo.


You don’t want to leave the known for the unknown.


You’re afraid to:


• Face insecurities

• Be uncomfortable

• Do what you know is right


But at this moment... don’t quit.


Step forward and face what is in front of you.


The gravity of your current routines in your life and business will pull you back. know...not everything you’re currently doing is helping you.


You know you have bad habits...dumb sh*t...pointless projects holding you back.


When I think about current challenges…


All of my new ideas and projects have made me feel uncomfortable.




Because I have never fully committed to them before.


I’ve never challenged myself to create a community or write marketing landing pages by myself.


The funny thing is...


It reminds me of when I first started my business two years ago.


I was constantly committing to new ideas and changing my status quo.


So... I’m tapping into those memories...those data points...remembering lessons learned.


And remind myself that anytime I challenge myself with a worthy goal.


Life gets better.


Big love,


Fan of committing and changing the status quo.


Maximizing your self-performance is the key to you creating even more freedom of time and money, and I will help you do that with my P-R-O Accelerator Program

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