Improving Your Energy

Jul 03, 2022

Life and success is all about energy.

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The Quick Strategy:

"When you activate the heart by calling up elevated emotions, you are not only broadcasting that energy to every cell; you are also radiating those feelings out into space."

— Joe Dispenza.

The One Minute Strategy:

Your energy is like your money

It is important to you.

You wouldn't let other people use it, would you?

Do an energy audit of your life.

Where are other people or projects draining your energy.

Find ways to stop it from happening.

Don't let people spend your energy.

The Three Minute Strategy:

5 reasons why developing your inner game will 10x your energy.

Inner development is key.

Self-help and personal development advice is everywhere.

But most of it focuses on the external or it is surface level.

Start this habit, use this system, and eat this food.

Your real growth happens when you look inside and fix your emotions.

Emotions are what drive us.

You have to learn how to regulate them to achieve more significant results in your life.

Honing your inner game is what will take you to the top.

It's not easy, but it is worth it.

Here are 5 reasons why developing your inner game is essential:

More energy:

When you accept responsibility for your emotions, you gain the power and energy to create the life you want.

Life will not always work in your favour, but you will have the ability to deal with what gets thrown at you.

High energy is key to success.

More confidence:

When you believe in yourself, it helps you make decisions that create positive results.

When you don't regulate your emotions, you often act out of fear and scarcity.

Your self-worth often reflects your net worth. Confidence creates success.

Less Stress:

When you resist your emotions, you create stress.

You invite overwhelm, frustration and procrastination into your life when you ignore your inner game work.

Letting go of negative emotions consciously and subconsciously will lessen stress in your life.

Better relationships:

When you have a deep relationship with yourself, you find it easier to have deep relationships with others.

Life is all about connection; the better you connect, the further you get in life.

When your inner game is off, your outer world will be off.

Better results:

Get the other points on this list right; you will consistently improve your results.

Your results are based on the actions you take.

Those actions are based on the decisions you make.

Your decisions and actions will be better if your inner game is on point.

Our thoughts are our inner game.

If you can learn to master your thoughts and emotions, you can master your life.

By regulating your emotions, you will attract more positivity into your life. It does take time, deep work and constant effort, but the upside is well worth it.

Big love.

Make it a great one,


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