How to use the 80/20 rule

Jul 03, 2022

How to use the 80/20 rule.

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The Quick Strategy:

"The way to create something great is to create something simple."

― Richard Koch

The One Minute Startegy:

The "lazy" principle.

One of my goals in life is to do less work but achieve better results.


Because I want a successful and efficient life.

Many people think they have to work harder to be successful.

Are you working 40 hours and week? Work 60 to earn more.

I have always found that math is not that appealing.

When I 1st discovered the 80/20-rule, I thought I had found magic.

What is the 80/20 Principle?

The 80-20 rule says that 80% of outcomes come from 20% inputs.

The core idea is to prioritize the 20% to produce the best results.

Identify the best assets and use them efficiently to create maximum value.

I cut my workload in half and increased my results with this simple idea.

But does everyone use it effectively? 

The Three Minute Strategy:

You are misusing the 80/20 rule, and it's affecting your results.

Many people talk about it and say they use it.

However, they tend to reference the idea as 80/20 at a high level but don't know how to use it effectively.

I have even caught consultants using it as a buzz term without understanding the layers.

There are layers? Yes, there are

Typically 3 Layers.

Say you are working in your business, and you have 100 tasks, products, or actions to complete or focus on.

You might be feeling overwhelmed.

If you use the rule stopping at the 1st 80/20, You would have 20 big tasks or items left.

20 tasks or actions are still a lot of tasks or actions, right?

To use the rule effectively, you would now 80/20 the 20.

Identify the most critical or high-value tasks or actions from your top 20. Leaving you with 4 large tasks or high-value actions left to focus on.

Now, can you get 4 large tasks or actions done in a day?

Maybe not, but in a week, sure, no problem.

But what do you focus on today?

Well, you 80/20 the 4 tasks or actions and prioritize them.

Now I know if 80/20 4 that leaves you 0.8

But you are in the world of numbers here; you will round that up to 1.

You have gone from the overwhelm of 100 tasks or actions to focusing on 1 in minutes.

The real power of the 80/20 rule.

Be careful how you use this magic.

Side note:

One thing that ticks me off is hearing people use buzzwords because they are in trend.

But remember, 90% of the buzzword-heavy people don't understand the principles behind what they are talking about.

Remember to talk less jargon and pump out results.

Now go out and 80/20 your 80/20 and get clarity on your next steps.

Big love.

Make it a great one,


Success Theory.

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