How to make an extra $10-$100k in 90 days

Mar 15, 2023

Let's talk about how to Make an Extra $10-$100k in 90 Days as a business owner by improving your self-performance.


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"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."

- Alexander Graham Bell


In the spring of 2021, I had massive plans as I took my first steps as a solopreneur.


I would succeed on all platforms, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even TikTok.


I failed…I struggled to scale my business and attract the clients I wanted to help.


Now a year later 95% of my focus is on Twitter. I have made more money and progress in Q1 of 2023 than I did for all of 2021.


I mention this because I fell into a trap I shouldn’t have.


In 2021, I opened too many loops and then struggled to close them. I spread myself too thin and did busy work to keep up with arbitrary social media standards. Making frustration and overwhelm regular feelings.


The result was a lot of running on the spot and going nowhere.


I remember spending at least an hour daily doing videos for Instagram and TikTok. But I didn’t have a good system to collect emails or present an offer. I was posting for the sake of posting.


It was a waste of time.


The question I ask myself now is…How did I let this happen?


I know I should be focusing on high-$$$ and high-value activities. But my problem in 2021 was I hadn’t specifically called out what those were for me at that early stage of my business.


It was a mistake I will hopefully never make again.


Once I called out the activities that made my business money it was easier to set up my weeks. Scheduling my days happened with ease. And my results improved.


A side effect of getting specific about what made my business tick was I also found out what didn’t.


This exact process is what led me to stop posting on all video platforms and stick to the written word. Twitter. LinkedIn. And my Newsletter provided me with tangible results.


There was also a sense of relief that my plan to start dancing on TikTok could be scraped, haha.


Now, this may shock you or it might not.


But do you know a common issue the majority of my 1 to 1 clients have?


They don’t know or they don’t focus on the activities that make them money.


As a business owner, improving your self-performance to focus on the activities that make you $$$ will lead to increased revenue and profits.


I know how obvious that sounds.


However, if you had 5 seconds to list your top 5 money-making activities…could you?


Knowing these activities and creating systems around them will help you earn an extra $10 to $100k in under 90 days. 


Here is a 6-step process I have used to help some clients make $10k in sales. And others larger improvements resulting in 100s of thousands worth of extra dollars in income in under 90 days.


1) Find your high-$$$ activities:

Identify your key activities and tasks.


Without these identified you can’t leverage them to maximize your performance. Focusing on what makes you $$$ increases your efficiency and productivity. 


This leads to increased revenue.


2) Set clear objectives: 

Setting clear objectives for your high-$$$ activities helps you stay focused and motivated. 


Call out when and how long you will focus on these tasks. Put them high on your priority list daily. Don’t let a week go by without focusing on them.


Without clear objectives low-$$$ work takes over your schedule.


3) Remove open loops and distractions:

Make a list of all the distractions, tasks, and projects that are not high-$$$ in your business.


This could be old relationships. Projects you have a sunk cost with and can’t let go. Or busy work you have let become your main focus.


These open loops are anchors pulling you away from your high-$$$ activities.


They need to be removed.


4) Manage your energy effectively: 

High-$$$ activities should be completed with high energy.


Your energy is your most valuable resource. Managing it effectively will help you increase your performance.


Use your circadian and ultradian rhythms to your advantage.


During peak energy times do the work that will give you peak results.


5) Hire support or delegate:  

If you can’t remove all your open loops or make room for your high-$$$ work you need to do this.


You need a VA. Find a way to shift work to team members. Or hire someone new.


For solopreneurs finding a good VA can be life-changing.


This allows you to have room in your days to match your high energy with your high-$$$ activities. 


6) Accountability:

Invest in accountability, that’s what my clients did.


Hire a coach. Find a Network. Partner with other business owners.


Find a way to have daily or weekly conversations that keep you accountable to your high-$$$ work. 


Being a business owner or solopreneur can be a lonely journey without accountability check-ins.


Don’t let weeks and months go by without doing what needs to be done.


💡 By implementing these strategies, you will improve your self-performance as a business owner.


You will increase your revenue and profits by making high-$$$ work a priority.


Remember, success is not achieved overnight. But with persistence and dedication. You can achieve your goals and earn an extra $10 to $100k in just 90 days.


Trust me I have the testimonial receipts that prove this works.


Big love,


Maximizing your self-performance is the key to you creating even more freedom of time and money, and I will help you do that with my P-R-O Accelerator Program

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