How to do less dumb sh*t

Sep 08, 2022

Let's talk about doing less dumb sh*t.


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The Quick Strategy:


"To the dumb question, 'Why me?' the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, 'Why not?"

- Christopher Hitchens




The 2nd Strategy:

The master of Dumb Sh*t.


You have heard of the term never kid a kidder.


Well, I want to introduce the term:

Those who have overcome dumb sh*t can see dumb sh*t.


I talk about dumb sh*t a lot.


Because to improve, you must remove.


Also, you don't need to learn anything new; you must be reminded of what works.


And removing dumb sh*t from your life works.


Now, I can see dumb sh*t quickly in the lives of my clients or those I speak with because I used to do a lot of dumb sh*t.


I have been the master of it mentally, emotionally, and physically.


If you could go to the Olympics and compete in dumb sh*t I am sure I would have come home with a medal.


But all jokes aside, my life always takes massive leaps forward as I remove negative habits.


When I 1st started on my personal development journey, it was removing:

• Drinking

• Partying

• Not working out

• Not reading or learning


Within a few years, making small changes took me from mid-wage retail jobs to 6-figure roles.


At the root of all my next leaps was removing the dumb stuff. 


Next, I removed:

• Too much TV

• Watching a lot of movies

• Not executing ideas promptly

• Hanging out with people I didn't vibe with


Then, as I grew in my career, I felt confident enough to leave the corporate world and start my own business.


This is when the dumb sh*t switched from external habits to my inner world.


Being free from the safety of monthly 6-figure pay-check hits hard

But in a good way.


It made me see the emotional dumb sh*t holding me back.


This time around, it was removing:

• Bad thinking

• Low deserve levels

• Self-sabotaging thought patterns

• Wrong internal measurements for success

• Lack of awareness of the emotions behind the emotions


The next leap forward began when I removed the bad thinking and raised my standards mentally.


But it all comes back to calling out the dumb sh*t you do mentally, emotionally, and physically.


If you want to improve, you must remove.



The 3rd Strategy:

How Scott reclaimed over 20 working hours a week by dropping dumb sh*t.


Scott is an entrepreneur with his hands in multiple 6-figure businesses, but his time was spread across many tasks and projects.


He was struggling with his time and struggling to create the results he wanted in his core business that revolved around his successful fasting podcast: Fasting For Life.


Scott was a chiropractor and moved into consulting and running multi-disciplinary practices.


While this was a good income, it was work Scott was no longer passionate about.


He spent a lot of his time jumping into leading and working in the businesses, which was not his role.


He also had several time-consuming low-dollar activities he would do to support these practices.


All of this work took him away from his main business and his family, which included 3 kids, one just born, a few dogs, and some horses. 


Scott knew he needed to change. 


He was frustrated and yearned for more freedom of time, money, and purpose.


Luckily, he followed me on Twitter. One of my posts hit hard, and he booked a call with me.


"We hopped on a call, and I was like yeah, this is the right time, and I think the right fit, so I jumped into doing coaching for six months with you." - Scott.


Like many other 6-figure business owners and executives, I could tell Scott suffered from having too many open loops (a lot of sh*t going on) and no clear direction.


Because of this, he was up late most nights catching up on work.


He was spending a lot of time juggling family and work, which was getting exhausting.


He then reacted to urgent over important and constantly felt he was spinning his wheels.


To get some quick wins for Scott, we went looking in three key areas:

  • What is it you want, clear vision and direction
  • What is high-vale and high-$$$ in your life and business?
  • What dumb sh*t are you doing that you need to stop



(I cover these 3 areas with all my clients in the 1st phase of my P-R-O Accelerator Framework)


Scott could call out that much of his time was spent doing clinic work, which ultimately was not part of his big goals.


He also noticed the dumb sh*t he was doing affecting his performance.


From not taking breaks to play a game of golf to drinking a few beers at night doing low-value work.


The lack of breaks was causing stress, and the beers, while making boring tasks more fun, disrupted his sleep and performance the next day.


Often, the small negative habits we do repeatedly keep us trapped and frustrated.


We made several small shifts over the coming weeks and months that resulted in massive changes.


Dropping the dumb sh*t was the big domino.


From there, Scott made moves to let go of the clinic work, giving him over 20 hours a week back to focus on his core business, which is high-dollar and scalable.


"The business is growing, and it's like, okay, well, how do you grow? Well, you need more focused intentional time, and I didn't have that time; so easily you saved me 20 hours a week just by cleaning up what I was doing." - Scott


What would an extra 20 hours a week do for you?


Without getting clear on what he wanted, calling out the dumb sh*t that was no longer serving him, and focusing on improving his daily performance.


Scott would still be stuck putting out fires daily doing low-dollar work, stretched thin from too much on, and spinning his wheels doing work he no longer wanted to do; check out his testimonial here:



Watch Scott's Testimonial.



As Scott moved through the 3 stages of the P-R-O Accelerator Program, he dropped more of what didn't serve him and got dialled in on the high-$$$ activities, helping him scale his core business.


During our recent conversations, we are now applying the ideas from the program to his core business.


Part of that is looking at how we can produce more results with less work.


His recent cohort for his coaching program starts this September, and Scott has increased his prices while focusing on more active members of his community.


Expect a part II soon where I share even more of Scott's success while working with me.


But before we go, here is what Scott said when I asked him if he would recommend my program to anyone:


"Yeah, especially if you're a solopreneur, like 1000% percent because there's so many cookie cutter type coaching programs…I'm always looking to be coached because I want to fail forward faster and get me there quicker… If you're a solopreneur and you're feeling like you're in that stuckness or ickiness and you can't get out of it. I mean100%. Even the best coaches in the world have coaches… I'd absolutely recommend it, especially if you're a decision maker in an entrepreneurial type setting, yeah 1000%."


Do you want results like Scotts?


What would an extra 20 hours of time do for you each week?

Would it mean more time with your family?

Would it mean you can scale your business?

Would it give you more time to enjoy your success? 


Let's find out together.


Click this link: 30-Day Accelerator for a FREE 30-minute strategy session.


Give me 30 minutes, and I will show you how to increase your results quickly with your self-performance.


"This is my encouragement to anyone thinking about coaching with you and your PRO Accelerator Program...Do it because if you're getting that little bit of hesitation where you're thinking, is this the right time? Because I did, my new baby came the day after I signed up to work with you and if I hadn't made the decision the day before, I'd be starting now where I was five months ago today... If you get that little kind of feeling, is this the right time, that's good. That's your sign; go yeah like do it because you're going to kick yourself six months from now." - Scott


You will not be pressured into a sale if you book a call. 

If you decide you want to join my program, I'll give you that option, but if not, no problem.


I hope you all have a day. 


Big love.

Make it a great one,


Maximizing your self-performance is the key to you creating even more freedom of time and money, and I will help you do that with my P-R-O Accelerator Program

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