Being frustrated is a positive

Aug 11, 2022

Let's talk about frustration being positive.


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The Quick Strategy:

"Frustration is fuel that can lead to the development of an innovative and useful idea."

- Marley Dias



The 2nd Strategy:

99% of business owners see frustration as a negative. 

But 99% of them are wrong. 


Frustration is a positive. 


Let's see why:


Frustrated with frustration? 

You probably have lost count of the times you have experienced frustration. 

You might have spent years feeling it daily. 

You felt its presence and assumed it was negative to feel like this. 

You would fight it, push back; you were wrong to do that.


Frustration is healthy: 

It's a sign of progress; it's a sign you want to improve, despite the accompanying negative emotions. 

As you get closer to your goals, you must understand that frustration is part of inner growth. 


Without frustration, life would be incredibly dull.


A common mistake: 

99% of the clients I speak to use the word frustration in our 1st conversations. 

Often, people give up when frustration appears, believing the goal is now unachievable. 

But frustration is a sign you want a change in life. 


Frustration is a positive feeling.


Explore frustration: 

It is trying to tell you that you want to change. 

Sit with the frustration, lean into it, and let the emotion wash over you. How does it feel? 

Where do you feel it? 

What does it look like? 

What are you frustrated with? 


Pinpoint the pain 1st, then fix it.


Organize your sh*t: 

Now you've felt the frustration; tapped into the part of you who wants to improve. 

It's time to get organized. 

Remove the frustration by dropping projects and the parts of you holding you back. 


Create new targets, develop new plans, and act on the change.


Frustration is the compass to your next level: 

In your life, the area you are frustrated with is the exact area you need to improve. 

You are frustrated because you are stuck; you want to do better. 

You are telling yourself exactly how to level up. 


That is a huge positive.


Frustration drives success: 

Every client I speak with is frustrated with something: 

• Overwhelm 

• Procrastination 

• Lack of direction 

• Lack of motivation 

• Lack of positive results 


What do you think we fix 1st? 

Yes, the frustration. 


It is the way to success.


Stop fighting frustration: 

Frustration is a positive part of your journey. From personal experience, I know the bigger the goal, the greater the frustration. 

Because big goals demand big changes mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


Don't fight frustration; you will lose.


The 3rd Strategy:

I fought frustration and lost.


For parts of my adult life, I was frustrated.



Because I always thought there was a better way to do things.


In the environments I used to work before starting my own business

I would push back, fight, and get frustrated.


My frustrations, while valid, did not help the situation.

I would often feel like the one complaining or being grumpy.


Now, I believe in change, and we must move things forward.

I got frustrated because the changes I saw didn't go far enough or were shallow ideas to cover deeper cultural issues.


I fell into this trap of being frustrated and then feeling like I couldn't do anything to change or influence the outcome.


Looking back, I now know I could have come at things with a more positive or supportive tone.

It can be hard to stay upbeat when you see the same mistakes being repeated.

But that is a different story for another newsletter.


When I finally left the corporate world, I thought I would be less frustrated.

Well, I was wrong.


For the 1st 3-6 months, I fought frustration but didn't do much to change.


Maybe I worked a little harder, but I complained and felt uncomfortable.


I had become a victim of frustration.

I had forgotten I have the power to use frustration positively.

I had seen what frustrated me and froze.

I repeated the same mistakes.

I repeated the same actions.

I expected it to get better.

It didn't


Then it hit me hard.

I was fighting frustration with frustration.

I was not using frustration as a compass.


I drank and partied a lot in my late 20s and early 30s.

I was frustrated with my life.


But at that point, I saw frustration as a guide.

It told me, "Steve, you are not happy with your life, do something."

So, I did.


The corporate world had tricked me into feeling I could only do so much when it came to my frustration.

There are "limitations" to the changes you can make. (or so I was told)


But in your life, frustration is a tool, a compass, a map.

And the only limitations we have are the ones we set on ourselves.


I sat down and asked myself:

What was I frustrated with?

Once I got that answer, I asked.

What can I do to improve this frustration?

Once I got that answer, I took action.


Positive results began to stack, and I felt much happier and more satisfied with myself.


I now ask myself weekly, what is the largest struggle and frustration you faced last week?

And I use frustration as a positive point to make my life go smoother and travel faster toward my goals.


Frustration is now my friend again.

It whispers weekly in my ear and tells me how I can improve.


Fall in love with frustration.


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I hope you all have a fantastic week. 


Big love.

Make it a great one,


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