Are you using data to set goals?

Feb 02, 2023

Are you using data right?


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“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” 

— Sherlock Holmes



In 2021, I made a massive mistake with my business. 


I set BIG goals based on want and desire, not data. It led to a lot of overwhelm and frustration. But it taught me a lot about my business. 


I am a BIG fan of setting goals.


They say that only 5% of people have goals written down. Then only 1% regularly look at and update their goals. Crazy right?


The fact that even I have goals puts me in the top 5% of the population.


Which I am sure you are a part of as well. You are right!? Please tell me you are?


But those goals have to be based on reality.


Or at least have foundations in reality.


I sh*t on the law of attraction a lot. Because I believe it should be called the law of action. Set goals - dream big - take action.


Solid math right? 


The full-on believers of the law of attraction repeat to themselves they want to make millions of dollars. Or live in a big house near a beach. but do f**k all to make it happen.


Dumb sh*t in my book. 


But I might well have done the same thing back in 2021.


I set big goals. I wanted to have a big year. I failed hard.


Here are 5 key lessons on why data matters to goal setting:


1) The right launch pad:


I got sucked into dreaming big and setting 10X goals.


While big goals are helpful, your 10X needs context. You need a plan. You need to know your trends.


Don't set yourself up for failure by reaching for the stars without having the rocket, the fuel, and the steps needed to get there.



2) Be in reality:


I made the mistake of setting goals that are not rooted in reality. 


The 10X goal I set meant I would have to do 7-figures to reach it. My business hadn’t even made 6-figures yet in early 2021. I put too much pressure on myself.


I recommend you use any data you have to help you set realistic and achievable goals.



3) Have alignment 


I set goals that were out of alignment with my current capabilities.


The unrealistic expectations held me back. There was too much of a gap between what I knew to do and what I needed to learn. I froze with procrastination.


You have to know your current capabilities.


You have to know what your next steps are to keep you aligned.



4) The right data is motivating:


Setting goals based on data keeps you focused and motivated.


When you know your baseline goals are realistic and achievable, you are more likely to stay committed to achieving them.


You can have 10X stretch goals but know your status quo goals.


I surpassed my status quo goal in 2021.


But didn't realize it. Because I was so focused on my BIG 10X goal. I was busy chasing shadows.



5) Lower emotional response:


If your 10X goals are unrealistic and you're not achieving them, you will feel frustrated.


You become emotional. Chase the wrong options. Think the world is against you.


When you know your data and set clear goals, you won't blow up emotionally.


Your goal as a business owner, solopreneur, or leader is to make sure you don't put yourself in situations where you could blow up and set yourself back.


Setting your goals using data will help you do that. 



⚙️ Conclusion:


Setting goals based on reality is a core part of my PRO-Accelerator coaching program for solopreneurs and business owners.


My clients end up: 

• Saving 10 hrs a week 

• Increasing their focus 

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All within 90 days of working with me.


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Big Love,


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