Are you about to take a massive leap forward?

Jun 01, 2023

Let’s discuss how you’re about to leap forward in life.


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“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success.”


- Henry David Thoreau


How do you know you’re about to leap forward?


Over the last two years running my business...

I’ve gone through a lot.


The highs...the lows...the wins...the losses.


But one thing I’ve learned along the way is...


The path to success is paved with signs most people would consider roadblocks.


These signs are like neon flashing lights. Telling you that you’re about to take a massive leap forward.


So, listen up...take out a notepad...and pay attention.




I guarantee you’re about to experience a massive leap forward if you spot these 9 telltale signs.



1. Your confidence drops off:


First off...your confidence will take a nosedive.


You might be damn good at what you do in your business but when you venture into uncharted territory...


It’s like stepping into a foreign land.


You feel like a fish out of water. It’s uncomfortable as hell.


Trust me... I’ve been there.


But here’s the thing: keep moving forward. Embrace the discomfort because it’s temporary.


Three years ago...I sucked at I use it as my main lead flow for my business.


It takes time to build confidence.


After any dip...your confidence will rise again.



2. Everything is going wrong:


Now, brace yourself for everything to go wrong.


Yes, I said it. Everything.


You’ll start grasping at straws...jumping from one idea to another. All in an attempt to regain your lost confidence.


But let me be blunt with you...

That’s a recipe for disaster.


Instead...stay the course.


Focus on what matters.

Let go of the distractions.


At one point over the last two years...


I was in a handful of communities.

I was on every social media platform.

I had two or three different offers on the go.


What was I doing wrong?

I was chasing rather than building.


I forgot that focus and consistency are key.


Reduce your scope and stay the course.



3. You question everything:


Next...get ready to question everything.


Your goals

Your actions

Your life choices


Nothing is safe from your skeptical mind.


It’s natural to doubt yourself when you’re pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.


I have thought about going back to corporate leadership roles many times.


Especially in the first six months of my business.


But remember this: those doubts are remnants of your old self trying to hold you back.


Don’t let them win.


Keep pushing forward and ride the wave of uncertainty like a pro.



4. You feel lonely:


Loneliness will come knocking on your door.


Even if you have a supportive network and good friends.


There will be moments when you feel alone.


It’s part of the journey.


But here’s the secret: your mind is playing tricks on you.


Reach to people...share your struggles.


Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself.


I have found the right communities and the right people to be around.


Connection is the antidote to loneliness.



5. You lose motivation:


As you face challenges...motivation will take a nosedive.


That spark and passion you once had might flicker and fade.


It’s tempting to seek solace in entertainment or a night out to lift your spirits.


But let me warn you... that’s a trap.


The more you indulge in distractions...

The harder it is to reignite that fire within you.


Distractions are different than taking time off.

Distractions stretch four-hour days into eight-hour days.


And...unfortunately...early on in my business.


I had a few too many eight-hour days.




Dig deep...find your inner drive...keep going.


Even when sh*t gets tough.



6. You make mistakes:


Mistakes are bound to happen.


When you’re treading unfamiliar territory and facing new processes.


You’ll stumble and fall.


It’s like watching a pro athlete fumble in a crucial game—it’s out of character.


But the pressure can get to anyone.


I have f**ked up sales calls...while stressing out about other things in life.


I have rushed content.

I have made the same mistake many times.


But... don’t beat yourself up over these blunders.


Shake it off...learn from them...move on.




It’s the lessons from failures that pave the way to success.



7. Distraction time:


Beware of the distractions that will try to lure you away from your big dreams.


As you inch closer to your goals...easier business opportunities will come knocking.


Tempting you with their familiarity and comfort.


But here’s the deal: those lesser goals will steal your focus and divert you from your true path.


I have wanted to start a program with a community element and weekly calls for a year.


But...I keep working on my core offer and content.


I know how to tweak and improve both of those. But I don’t know how to launch the community.


Don’t fall into this trap.


Stay laser-focused on your big dreams and don’t settle for less.



8. 100% or 0%:


At some point...your big goals will demand your unwavering commitment.


They’ll ask...” Are you 100% in?”


And let me tell you...anything less than a resounding yes is a big fat zero percent.


I’ve dipped my toe into countless projects in the past.


And guess what? It never works.


To succeed... you need to be all in.


No half-assed attempts.


100% commitment is the name of the game.



9. Your f**k it moment:


Finally...brace yourself for that “f**k it” moment.


Yes, it’s real.


It’s that magical instant when a switch flips. You find yourself flowing toward your goals.


It happens because you made a commitment.


Pushed through mistakes. Ignored a drop in confidence. And kept going.


You become unstoppable.

Embrace that moment when it comes.

Because it’s the culmination of all your hard work.


These moments happen with small habits.

They also happen with important pillars in your life.


Two years ago...When I signed my first high-ticket client.


I had one of these moments. It clicked. I had the data and evidence my plans could work.


I can tell the days and weeks before this happened...all 9 of these signs were in my life.





So, there you have it—the 9 signs that tell you a life-changing leap forward is right around the corner.


Now...take a deep breath...strap on your boots...embrace the challenges that lie ahead.


It’s up to you to take the leap.


But remember...doing less dumb shit is how you make progress in life.


You can’t have these leaps forward if you’re not removing what’s not working in your life and business.


Big Love,


Maximizing your self-performance is the key to you creating even more freedom of time and money, and I will help you do that with my P-R-O Accelerator Program

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